Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Affiliate Marketing Beginners | The Solution Is Here

I don't care whether it is poor conversions or low number of adsense clicks

Many affiliate marketers have a problem with one area or the other of their business.

The bottom line is you built the website so as to make loads of money. That's the basis of internet marketing

I know there are a lot of guides out there about a call to action, search engine optimization, building the almighty opt in list and building webpages that convert. Heck I have written a few posts on this blog about very much the same things

But the affiliate marketing newbie does not know about autoresponders and a clear call to action

And more often than not he has no ethical bribe, 'freebie', to offer as an insentive to join his/her opt in list

No money for PPC ads, No clout to be sought out for JVs, nothing

So how is the humble internet marketing newbie to make a few bucks on the internet


Yes the simple answer is traffic.

Get tons of traffic to your website

And you can do it without investing one cent.

Yes , your site may not be the most professional site in the world.

And you may not yet have figured out which is the best Adsense block format for your pages

Just get a reasonable site out there ...
...And drive tons of traffic to it

If your conversions are 1%, and you only get 5 visitors to your site a day, you are looking at sticking to that day job for a long time to come.

It will take you 20 days to get a conversion on average.

Now take the same site and drive 1000 visitors to it a day.

Ah, the same 1% conversion rate results in ...10 conversions a day.

Now that is the beginning of a business

Once you have made some money with your high traffic, poor conversion site, perhaps consider investing some of those earnings in improving your site.

An average e book on increasing conversions will cost you about $47.
With the knowledge you gain, you can maintain your traffic but increase your conversions

Now how many sales or clicks a day would a 3% conversion rate make you

Till next time

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