Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Top Reasons Why 90% Of Affiliate Marketing Beginners Fail

So the statistics say that over 90% of affiliate marketing beginners fail and quit before making a cent from their business

And you may be one of the affiliate marketers who is seriously considering throwing the towel in.

But why? Why are so many people who are aware of the excellent opportunity that affiliate marketing is, turning away from it after a period of 'failure'

False expectations: The number one reason why affiliate marketing newbies fail and quit is false expectations. You know, all those ebooks that purport to tell you exactly how to make $10,000 or some ridiculous amount in two weeks flat or the one that guarantee's you that using the tips contained in them will deliver 1000 unique visitors to your site every day.

So having spent all your savings on these ebooks that just fail to deliver, of course you are frustrated and want to throw the towel in

Poor Foundations: A business, any business is only as strong as its foundations. Have a poorly planned structure and you are doomed from the start. Planning includes domain name planning, website layout, product creation, article submissions, everything. You need to have a strong foundation if your business is going to grow. A poorly laid out website, or a weak grasp of traffic generation or shoddy keyword and niche research will get you exactly zero dollars

Jack of all trades: There is so much information to study and understand in affiliate marketing. The newbie can easily be swamped by the amount of material they need to learn in a short period of time. Also There are so many new and 'shiny' tips and tricks out there that instead of focusing on one thing, mastering it, implementing it and analyzing results so he can improve on it, the newbie spends his time running after one or the other next big thing and eventually, burn out

So if you are considering throwing the towel in, please don't. Affiliate marketing is such a simple business plan and has so much potential, it's simply amazing

Instead, start again, lay solid foundations, have reasonable expectations i.e expect to put in a few months of work before the profits roll in and master one thing at a time

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