Saturday, 7 June 2008

Facebook And Affiliate Marketing

Facebook is a familiar site to most of us and the majority of people reading this will probably already have a facebook profile.

Probably a personal profile where your friends can check you out and leave personal notes on your wall. And that's okay... for personal stuff.

But I come across a large number of facebook profiles where pleasure and business are all mashed together. Not really good.

Imagine going to the Facebook profile for this blog and finding a note written to me personally about how silly we were at last night's party. or some such thing. Just does not reflect the business in good light.

Every website you own needs a facebook profile. It is crucial that you can network with people in the same niche without life issues interrupting.

And with the website or blog having it's own profile, you can quickly build a huge following for your blog.

Because that profile will only be focused on one niche, you can easily and quickly become the authority profile to go to in that niche

A tip is to put your blogs RSS feed on your facebook account.

Or better still have an autoposter from your blog to the blog's facebook profile. So every time you post on your blog, it automatically shows up in your facebook profile.

Great for generating traffic

Till next time

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