Tuesday, 27 July 2010

About Buying Make Money Online Products

As affiliate marketers or internet marketers or professional bloggers, we are always, always looking out for the next big thing that will take our business up yet another level.

You know the new traffic generating software, or tutorial on how to quadruple your income in 5 minutes, or how to make x amount in a short time

There is an abundance of them on the web and honestly some of them have really useful tips. I bought a program recently and one tip in the first video I watched on that tutorial has helped me double the traffic to one of my sites.

Well it's not the tip actually, it's implementing it that worked.

I am getting off track here so back to the point. Some of the products out there are really useful and will help your business but the majority won't.

There is a proliferation of products by people who built the blog or website and could NOT make money from it.

So they thought 'Hang on, I can make money by making a tutorial on how to make money online'

???? Hang on a minute. You cannot make money online by affiliate marketing, adsense , whatever so you thought you'd make money by teaching people how to do that which you could not achieve. Hmmm

And people fall for it!!

So before you buy your next training videos or ebook, take a second to find out about the guy who wrote it

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Vee Sweeney said...

I agree and for every 1 good product out there or piece of information, there is at least a dozen or more bad ones.

To add more, whether or not a person succeeds with making money online has a lot to do with the person and not always the information or software. People tend to get a little greedy and want to become a millionaire overnight and then get mad at the software or company they got information from if they don't.

There are a lot of good and honest companies out there, but there are those shady ones which make promises about their information or products that are just bloated. People need to take the time and find out what is going to work for them or even contact the company to get solid proof that their tactics work.

The Niche Blog Seller said...

I have bought a few products over the years and finally learnt to check out the credentials of the seller before parting with my hard earned cash. If they are not making some serious money from their Internet Marketing then as far as I'm concerned the product is probably poor. The question is - how do you reliably check just how much money is being made?

ami said...

Thanks for dropping by Vee and "niche blog seller"

Niche, I wish someone could answer your question on how to verify how much money is being made by applying a product, a tactic, a software but the honest truth is you cannot. At least not before buying the product and testing it out. Some of the screen captures are fake, it's really easy to do.

So what you need to go on is reputation. The forums are a really good place. When one of us buys a product and it turns out to be a dud, affiliate marketers do not hesitate to share our bad experiences in the forum

Good luck

get paid for online surveys said...

It is a very viable proposition to work and make money in the internet provided you know the tricks of the trade as with any other business and there is a lot of help in the internet itself for smooth going.

futuristic03 said...

The importance of making money online is the expertise on the things that you do. One must know the different styles and techniques when it comes to marketing online to have a great output in the end.

Inventory Management Software said...

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Comprehensive affiliate marketing guide said...

I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said, and it is true that wherever there is money to be made, there will always be dozens more scammers on the prowl looking for green and gullible victims. However, this does not mean that there are no legitimate companies and working products... they are just getting harder and harder to find.

William Taylor said...

I agree with you that there are many Internet Marketing Gurus that don't know what they are doing. They are just parroting what they heard from different places on the Internet. In some cases that can be bad, in others that can be good. It all depends on the quality of the teaching in my opinion.

If you run across someone with little experience who is saying things that you know to be true, and he or she says something you know nothing about, try it out. Try it as long as the test is within your budget.

How do you know if someone is spouting good stuff as opposed to bad? I think you should be well read on the subject, and should have personally tried out everything you can get your hands on for free.

Should you buy programs from newbies? If their free lessons repeat things you know to be true, and the cost is within what you are willing to gamble with, sure. If not then no way in hades should you purchase something from a newbie that may not know anything about what he is teaching.

Thank you for your time.

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