Sunday, 31 January 2010

Adsense Only For Website Monetization

Can adsense be the sole method of making an income from your website?

I wish the answer was a simple yes or no but it is more complicated than that

Most of you who are into making money online are not looking to be the next millionaire. Just a regular reliable source of income that frees you from the chains of a JOB

So the question about adsense is a valid one

Say you aim to make $3000 a month. Can you achieve this level of income consistently with adsense

And more crucially, can you rely on this income

To the first part of the qquestion, it is possible to make a significant income with adsense. Without resorting to black hat methods or spamming or click fraud

But this takes a lot of time and effort and won't happen overnight

To achieve this you will need


A lot of webpages. Each optimized for a different traffic pulling keyword. and each with a decent amount of content on the page. The five page website on Acne for example is just not going to do. You need hundreds of pages and each page should be keyword targeted so that you get ads that are relevant to your content

Visitors [Traffic]

We are talking about truckloads of traffic. Thousands everyday. Oh and to make things a little more tricky, it's search engine traffic you are really after

So if you think that you can command a decent amount of traffic and build lots of keyword targeted pages, then you can make a significant income from adsense alone

The second question 'Can you rely on your adsense income for a living?' Now that's a little more tricky


The first problem is your income will vary from on month to the next. So you can get yourself into the position where you get the coveted adsense check every month. But some months will be great and others.... well just making the $100 pay out trigger. SO as your sole source of income, may not be a good idea

Adsense Ban

This is dreaded by all webmasters who monetize their sites with adsense. Especially if you are making a decent monthly income with it. The theory is if you stay within the terms of service of adsense and remain strictly white hat, then you have no worries. But we have all seeen those posts in the forums about sudden adsense ban where the webmaster just cannot figure out why

So to round things up, I certainly am an adsense enthusiast but I would advice that you have other forms of monetization on your pages or at least in mind

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