Wednesday, 4 November 2009

High Ticket Affiliate Products Versus Inexpensive Products

High ticket affiliate products were a no-go area for me when I was a newbie affiliate marketer. I, like a lot of other affiliate marketing beginners, thought they would just be too difficult to promote and therefore stayed with the low cost products.

It's easier to get someone to spend $7 than $1500 right?

Wrong or so I found out.

High ticket vs Low ticket affiliate product refunds

Imagine you were out shopping and came across a low cost item which you are not sure if you want or not. To make things easier on yourself you buy it. After all it's only $7 and there is not much point in standing there trying to decide. You get home and decide you do not really want this product after all. Most people would reach for the receipt and packaging and make a mental note to take it with them next time they go to that store.

Now imagine that product is an info product that you bought on line with a 30 or 60 day guarantee. [Sounds familiar?]

How easy would it be to click the button to get your refund?

Take the same person who is about to buy a $1500 product. Most of us do not shell out that kind of money without due thought, a lot more thought, discussions and thought again. This means that by the time the high ticket item is purchased, the buyer is absolutely certain that he wants it. Less risk of refunds

High ticket vs low tag affiliate product clientele

The market for high ticket affiliate products is totally different from the customers who will buy the low price stuff.

You have to find each market and access it over and over again.

But the amount of work required for either market really does not vary based on the tag on the product you are promoting.

It's back to basics again here. It takes targeted traffic and a good presell, whatever the price tag of the product you are promoting as an affiliate

High price tag versus inexpensive affiliate products commissions

Generally but not always, high ticket affiliate products give a 15 to 30% commission to their affiliates. And the low priced items especially digital products could offer a commission of 50 to 75%

Please remember I said not always, there definitely are exceptions to this

And affiliates could be put off by the low percent commission payout of high ticket products. But take this real life example

Product ~ $2400 Commission ~ £350
Product ~$60 Commission ~ $45

Which sale do you think made my day?

I am not saying go after high price affiliate products exclusively. That would be bad advice.

But I am saying that affiliate marketers, especially newbie affiliate marketers should not be afraid to include high price tag affiliate products in their promotions.

As I got a little more experience in affiliate marketing, I decided to mix things up a little. So I promote some high price tag items and also some of the lower priced products.

And for me this has worked out well

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Alex said...

you know, I have customers that buy low price items as well as the high price items such as niche in the box at 197 as well as the low cost items such as 1 min content tool $10. My personal opinion is that it DOES NOT matter if it is high end or the low end. what matters is to have a product that solves something for them. That is all