Monday, 16 November 2009

Email Headlines That Really Bug Me

So instead of getting really irritated when I get a bunch of emails with these headlines, I thought I'd put it out there and see what you guys think

So here are some of the email headlines that really get my goat

Thank you, here's your download

Not a problem if I had signed up for the download. I suppose the sender hopes that we are not keeping track of what we sign up for. Usually contains a product that you do have to sign up for

You've made a commission

Again, not a problem if it really is about a commission you have made. But it usually is not. You open the email and it reads 'Imagine if you could get hundreds of emails like this...Blah, blah' I have noticed that these ones tend to come from safe list users. That's me done with safe lists

{first name} ...

This email probably has some useful information in it. But it looks sloppy and unprofessional. You'd think that anyone taking their business serious would take the time to format their emails properly

This is the most important email I've ever sent

It's usually full of c..p and a major promo. This one usually triggers the unsubscribe button for me

I need your shipping address...

Why? I didn't subscribe to anything from you mate!!

He stuck his hand in gasoline....

Honestly I have never bothered opening emails with this headline although for a while there, it seemed a very frequently used headline. Anyone reading this post who has actually read the emails should please enlighten us with it's content

Can I help you get leads to your business

Again nothing wrong with this apart from the fact that you KNOW you never subscribed for his emails in the first place. Begs the question. 'Where is he getting the leads from?

Till next time

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