Saturday, 14 November 2009

Affiliate Marketing Money for Nothing

When I first went into affiliate marketing, I had difficulty getting my head round the concept of not having any products in my warehouse and still making money. Money for nothing?

Because that's what affiliate marketing is. You tell people about a product you like. They go and buy that product, mention to the vendors that you suggested it and presto! the merchants pay you a commission. And it's sometimes up to half the value of the product. Shock horror

Pretty freaky but it made sense

So I looked around for affiliate programs for a couple of things I really like. Things I rave to my friends about.

One was my laptop. I loved my laptop. I could go on for hours talking about the reasons why this one laptop is the best on the market.

Anyway after a few minutes searching for an affiliate program for my particular brand and then a further few hours of website building and.... I was an affiliate marketer for my particular brand of laptop. Still promoting it.

The upside is I can go on and on to my hearts content about the merits of this product. And the people reading my content are actually interested in what I am saying. No more eyes glazing over from my audience

And you get a pay check!!

So perhaps affiliate marketing is not exactly money for nothing. But it certainly is a great way of earning a living

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