Saturday, 15 May 2010

Niche Marketing Statistics. How Often Do You Check

Internet marketing requires you to have your finger on the pulse at all times. especially when it comes to monitoring the traffic on our websites.

And before I launch into this, I just need to say that any serious internet marketer needs to have some method of analyzing the traffic to your websites and your conversions. Traffic analysis is crucial. If you haven't got analysis on your sites, stop reading this and go to Google analytics and set up your traffic analysis. It's free and will significantly help your business. No kidding.

Back to our discussion, for those of us that are smart and have website analysis, how often do we or should we check our stats?

As an affiliate marketing newbie, I checked my stats every few hours. By few I mean at least every couple of hours. I don't know what I was looking for. A sudden surge of traffic to my 6 page website with no backlinks. Wishes and horses come to mind.

And then I started getting traffic and the frequency of the stats review went up.

Then the penny dropped.

How much time am I spending [ or rather wasting] checking my website statistics? Loads.

So the mind change occured and the time was spent on building backlinks and content on my then 6 page website.

Then another penny dropped

My SEO efforts, the backlinks and the on page changes take TIME to have an effect on my websites traffic!

Hmmm. More evidence that maybe checking my statistics every two hours is a bit of a pointless exercise.

So how about now?

With websites getting anything from a hundred to a few thousand views a day [varies with the website] there really is not the need to check every two hours to see if that one visitor has been.

Yes, I do some statistics analysis on most days. But this is to see that the traffic generating campaigns that I have set up are still sending me traffic. And also to see the results of any new methods.

So in sharing my experience with you, I hope you realize that traffic analysis is important but do not let it get in the way of the activities that DO help you make money with your website


Niche Marketing said...

It is really important to get updates on the figures that surround the niche marketing. though this is quite an additional task, it is a big help so that you can develop new strategies and make your business a good one.

ami said...

Niche marketing thanks for dropping by. You are right. It is important to get updates as long as one does not become obsessed with checking them