Friday, 14 May 2010

Bankerfox Trojan And Niche Marketing

Prior to last week I thought you could only get a virus infect your computer through downloads. And as a result have always been very careful about where I download products from. All those email attachments are carefully scanned before I open them, thank you

So I was absolutely stunned a week ago when one of my laptops suddenly flashed up a warning that I was under an internet trojan attack. What on earth is going on. And I have a fully up to date Norton package on board. Anyway I quickly turned off the WiFi and turned off the computer and after several exhaustive hours of booting and cleaning and deleting and all the rest of it, I found out my laptop is one of thousands that has become infected with a spyware protect 2009 virus

What this virus does is make you think that your computer is infected with the bankerfox trojan, a virus that hijacks your web browser and steals your bank details when you log in.

Basically the spyware protect wants you to buy it and protect yourself from the trojan

It took getting smitfraudfix from to sort out the spyware protect virus

Why am I telling you this? As niche marketers we visit a ton of sites each day. And although the majority will be innocuous, some will infect your computer with viruses. I was lucky and it was only the spyware protect virus. It could have been worse and be the bankerfox trojan. Having said that I will not be accessing my bank accounts on that particular laptop in future

So the lesson is make sure you have a good antivirus package on the computers you do your surfing on. In fact make sure you have a good antivirus on all your computers.

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