Friday, 5 February 2010

Niche Bloggers Your Audience Is Human

Funny isn't that.

In niche marketing we are taught so many things. Lots of stuff about search engine optimization and getting your pages indexed. There is a lot out there about robot text files and CSS and php and all the jargon

Somewhere in the middle of all this, the primary objective of blogging for a living or niche marketing or online marketing or Adsense sites or whatever else it is you are into online is forgotten

And what is this primary objective

To get content in front of people that are interested in the content in a format that will encourage the people to read your content and take the desired action


Nothing else, matters
The words on your pages must speak to a human audience

And as human beings we do not go to websites looking for something to click so that we have to bring out our wallets...No

We go to websites often to find information about a certain topic or product or gadget

Even for those of us that do our shopping online. You have decided what the product you want to buy is. You know how much you are willing to pay.
Most of us still pause and have a good read of the page before we click on the purchase button.

To cut to the chase...It's the words that sell

So it's great to have the savvy to tell the Google bots to go here and there. You may even be able to make the bots do a back flip for you

But the Google bots are not going to buy your product

Am I saying SEO is bad.... Certainly not. Most of the hundreds of pages I have distributed all over the net are search engine optimized

But more recently I have focused on the quality of content on some of my websites. And the changes here and there have made a lot of difference. Both to my rankings and to the revenue generated from these sites

We have all heard it over and over again 'content is king' but I think somewhere along the way we have become oh so distracted by the insatiable quest for backlinks

I think it's back to basics.

Generated and frequently update your quality content and the results you are getting from your sites will improve

Speak to your audience and they will respond to you

Till next time

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