Saturday, 24 October 2009

About the make money online niche

A lot of newbies find out about affiliate marketing and run out and build their own affiliate marketing site. And the most popular niche among newbies is... make money online

And you can understand the excitement they feel on finding this wonderful new business and the challenge of affiliate marketing. Heaven knows I was really excited when I got into affiliate marketing.

And the make money online niche is profitable and exciting and has a lot going for it. It's one of my niches

But for a newbie, a non marketing niche should be a serious consideration. And there are lots of untapped potentially profitable niches out there.

The reason for encouraging newbies to go into niches other than the affiliate marketing niche or make money online niche is simple

There are people who have been marketing online for many years and whose level of expertise is way beyond that of newbie. And a lot of them are into the affiliate marketing or make money online niche.

As a newbie, you really need to learn the basics and learn them well if you have any hope of competing with these guys.

The time investment and skill required is a huge obstacle for the newbie to overcome before they can expect to make any money in the make money online niche

But if you are into another not so competitive niche, chances of making some money are higher. It is earnings that keep you motivated.

Once you are making a significant amount of money in other niches, then you are in a position of authority i.e. you know what works and have made it work.
It is then that you should start your own 'make money online' website or blog.

Had to write this post because a lot of comments in the forums are from disappointed newbies in affiliate marketing. You click on their signature link and it takes you to a website or blog in the make money online niche.

No wonder they think affiliate marketing does not work


hijackcash said...

Ordinary people, who know the real techniques behind the online money
making, earn huge profits without any big effort.

ami said...

Totally agree with you Hijack cash. With emphasis on 'who know the real techniques'

ami said...

Thought I'd share this with you. My highest earning site has a PR of zero. Go figure